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21st Apr 2018

Goldcorp, Taking Initiative in Technology & Innovation with Luis Canepari, VP Technology – Episode 8

Luis Canepari Interview:

Luis Canepari, VP Technology Goldcorp explains his role and shares the company´s vision of technology and innovation in the mineral exploration and mining industry. Luis talks about the investment and innovation framework and how the company has set out to lead by example in contributing to the advancement of innovation and technology.

Luis discusses defining innovation priorities and Goldcorp´s 20-20-20 Strategy to increase production, reserves and yield per mine while keeping people safe, guarding the environmental footprint and reducing power and water consumption.

Autonomous vehicles, robotic drills, building the first electrical mine and other components of the Mine of the Future are what Goldcorp is developing. Luis shares the challenges of being a first implementer in using Artificial Intelligence in the development of processes and how to contribute to building industry expertise required for this type of development.

Goldcorp is the mining industry’s leader when it comes to innovation. Not only are they adopting the latest technologies into their own operations, but they are the champions of the #DisruptMining initiative, which aims to accelerate the pace of innovation throughout the industry.

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