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4th May 2018

Goldspot Discoveries Inc. & Revolutionizing Mineral Exploration Through Machine Learning – Episode 9

Goldspot Discoveries is utilizing machine learning for exploration targeting on a regional and localized scale and revolutionizing the mineral exploration business. Denis Laviolette, CEO & Director, Goldspot Discoveries, shares the innovations, the benefits and ideas about the future of machine learning systems. The Goldspot Algorithm significantly decreases risk, while increasing the efficiency and success rate of mineral exploration. Their algorithms will completely disrupt the investment decision model by using the Goldspot Algorithm to stake acreage, acquire projects and royalties, and invest in public vehicles to create a portfolio of assets with the greatest reward to risk ratio.

Denis shares the idea of the Data Without Borders Concept which would leverage industry datasets to result in new discoveries and contribute to the advancement of industry algorithms. Resource Quantumental combines market data and metrics with fundamental geoscientific datasets to create an AI stockpicker for mineral exploration investment scenarios. Pay attention investors and exploreres! You cannot afford to miss this episode!

How to get in touch with the Goldspot Discoveries team and keep informed:

You can contact Denis from his details on his webpage and follow the company on twitter!


Twitter @GoldspotD

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